3.6    The practical work required

From what has been described so far it follows that the work required consists through the work of the Perceptible Breath of increasing the sensing consciousness contained in the physical body, and through suitable ways of breathing to quieten and then finally to bring it “to silence” (during the practical breathing work). The focusing on the subtle-physical body formed by The Mother is of fundamental significance for that.

At this juncture I shall quote from The Mother some comments which may be helpful and motivating to commence the work:

1st October 1969: „That's what is remarkable in the physical, it's that when the ~ physical has learned something, it never forgets. Once the cells have learned that, learned this self‑giving, this offering to the Divine, and this NEED to offer themselves, its learned, and it DOESN'T BUDGE ANYMORE. Its constant, twenty‑four hours a day, ceaselessly, day after day, changelessly; even when something goes wrong (you /1 have a pain or something), the first movement is this: it's to offer it, to give it—spontaneously. The higher consciousness doesn't intervene, it's spontaneous: it's the consciousness contained in the cells.

The ego must be abolished —the RULE of the ego must be abolished. Generally, people think it's not possible to abolish the physical ego; not only is it possible, it's DONE, and the body continues, it keeps on walking—it hasn't gone! (It had a difficult little moment … a little moment.)

All those difficulties one has with the inner development when one deals with the vital and the mind, the return of old things and all that, here [in the body] it's over, it's not like that.”

18th September 1963: „It is impossible for any change, any change towards perfection (I don't mean a regression, because that's another phenomenon), it's impossible for any change, even in one element or one point of the earth consciousness, not to make the whole earth participate in that change. Necessarily.“

30th October 1971: „It's a hundred times more marvelous than we can possibly imagine. We need to find the plasticity of matter—so that matter can pro­gress forever. That's it.”

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