If the physical body becomes more receptive in its entirety, then it becomes so not only for something “finer” like the breath likewise the movement of breath which runs through the body in a “breathing wave”, rather it becomes also for other finer sensatios. For example for the vibration of what was formed by The Mother in the subtle-physical – so far as one focuses on it

Certain experiences which I myself had with the Experience of Breath suggest to me that physical body which is permeable in its entirety is in a position to perceive vibrations in the subtle-physical in that it enters into “resonance” with them.  

For that the body has to vibrate a little “higher” than before. In order to perceive these fine vibrations, it needs along with good permeability a still greater ability to devote and attentiveness aware.

So far as we are speaking here about powers or energies which take their effects on the physical body at its opening to the subtle-physical, so these bring about neither pains nor a warming-up of the physical body so far as it is sufficiently permeable. What causes friction and with that pains and possibly warming-up in the physical body is the resistance of the stuff given too little receptiveness of the physical body.

Surrender and Attentiveness

Surrender and conscious awareness are two aspects which it is necessary not only to increase but also to balance out. If the surrendering side predominates, then the attentiveness in general diminishes, and vice versa. – The Mother on the 19th of February 1969: “Surrender one can term the abandoning of the “I limitation”.”

Transferred to the practical work with breathing that means: focusing on the subtle-physical body in full surrender to the supramental consciousness. ”Thy will be done” with at the same time attentiveness of the perceptions of the physical body.

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