25th March 1967: „What's interesting is to follow this sort of change in the con­sciousness of the cells: a lot of them still have a sense of wonder at the fact that the Truth exists. That's the form it takes: a sense of wonder.... "Ah, so that's what it is ! " A wonder. A wonder at the existence, the UNIQUE existence of the Lord—a joy! Such an intense joy and a childlike wonder, you know: "Oh, so it's really like that! " And this goes on in one part of the body after another, one group of cells after another. Truly charming. And then, when the mantra comes spontaneously, oh! ... An adoration: "It's like that, like that ! That is true, THAT iS true—all the disorder, all the ugliness, all the suffering, all the misery, all of that isn't true! It's not true, THAT is true." And not with words (words make it very small): with an extraordinary sensation, extraordinary! Then ... it's the beginning of that sort of glorious, marvelous life. It's still at the stage of wonder; that is, something unexpected in its sublimity.”

24th June 1967: „The near totality of the body's movements are movements of habit. There is, behind, the consciousness of the physical mind (what I call the "cellular mind") which, for its part, is constantly conscious of the divine Presence and anxious not to let in anything except That. So a whole work is going on to change, to shift the origin of movements. I mean that instead of that origin automatically being habit, the work is for the divine Consciousness and Presence to automatically be the prime mover (Mother makes the gesture of forcing the consciousness into the body).

But it's quite . . . quite inexpressible, that is, as soon as you try to express it, it becomes mentalized, it's no longer the thing. That's why it's very difficult to express. I can't talk about it.”

31st January 1968: „Instead of the consciousness being inside the body, it is the body which is inside the conscious­ness, yet it is still the body consciousness.”

10th February 1968: „The body (this is becoming interesting) has the same experiences on the heights of the consciousness, the same experiences (supra­mental ones, we could say, because, well, there, it's really supra­mental) as the vital, the mind and the inner beings had previously.

It's going through the same experiences—the body itself.”

13th March 1968: „Mentally, we can explain everything, but that doesn't mean anything at all: for the body, the material consciousness, it's abstract. When the material consciousness catches hold of some­thing, it knows it A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than we can know it mentally. When it knows, it has the power: knowing gives it the power. That's what is being slowly, slowly worked out. For an ignorant consciousness it's slow and painful—but for the true consciousness, it's not that! Pain, joy, all that is ... such an absurd way of seeing things—of feeling and seeing things.”

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