The Mother said about the sensation of the “higher vibration” of the cells on the 23rd of April 1969: “It gives an intense aspiration, and at times a moment when it goes like this (gesture expressing a swelling in the cells). I don't know what happens, it's something going on in the cells, and then ... there's no self‑giving anymore or anything ... neither a "consecration" nor "listening to the command": it's a state, a state of intense vibration. It's something COMPLETELY new for the body.”

Satprem describes in his book  ‘Evolution II’ an experience which is the same as mine in that the material carries itself: “I had an experience which repeated itself for a number of days in the same way: there was a new structure which no longer had to wait for the Darwinian millennium long and slow alteration of the shell of one species to the next. This density held one upright in any case, without reinforcement alone through the power of its fluid thickness.

Nothing will be destroyed and everything will be changed. Strange is that this density or energy is at the same time your structure and your breathing. Both of the main evolutionary elements are unified.“

And further: “But shouldn’t the conditions of his “breathing“ first change? – A physical respiration which brings about certain death or certain frailness, and another type of breathing which would bring with it a life without death and without frailness or respiratory atmosphere If this new form of breathing or respiratory atmosphere were to win through (truly a different kind of respiration from that through oxygen and nitrogen), then the transformation does not constitute any more problem, it turns out to be an “secondary consequence” as The Mother said, “It takes place completely naturally , slowly but surely within the species.”

3.3.5       The golden earth – my experiences of the Divine which lives within matter

It was at the beginning of my training to be a breath therapist (September 1975). We had worked in the morning on the “lower breathing space” and Ilse Middendorf posed the question what qualities had been experienced. A number of trainees replied it was “dark” “warm” “earthing” and so on. The word “muddy ground” was used.

In the early afternoon when I repeated this type of breathing, I 

perceived breathing the “lower breathing space” manner described above. Suddenly however the perception completely changed. Under the space where I was sitting a bright sphere of enormous size (as large as the earth) came into being. It appeared on the one hand to consist of pure gold, on the other hand of pure light, bright orange. This perception was accompanied by a bright, very friendly laugh. Then, as were the voice modeled on the laugh: ”see how the “muddy ground” can look and the material which emanates from it.”  

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